Recruiting Basics for Small and Midsize Businesses

To remain competitive, small and midsize businesses have to know how to recruit good employees. But these days, that's easier said than done. Staffing strategies have changed some in recent years, leaving many employers unsure about the recruiting basics in today's economy. If that sounds familiar, you've come to the right place.

Recruiting is more than just posting a job ad and hoping the right person will respond. Successful recruiting requires preparation, focus and the ability to distinguish top candidates from the also-rans. The more you understand the ins and outs of what leads to successful recruiting, the better prepared you will be to focus on hiring the best person for the job.

We've prepared the following articles to provide you with an in-depth understanding of recruiting basics:

Insights into recruiting

A solid salary offer is one of the cornerstones of recruiting basics. Read our survey about trends in starting salaries for new hires.

The importance of job descriptions

Staffing firms and recruiting

More on recruiting and hiring

  • Job Applications: Learn why job applications are not as common in the hiring process as they once were and what to consider if you decide to use them.
  • An Employee Skills Inventory: Discover what an employee skills inventory is and why it may be worth the time and effort to develop one.
  • Hiring Managers: How to Handle Helicopter Parents: When hiring younger employees, it's common for their parents to want to be involved in the process. Discover strategies for setting boundaries and guidelines for job applicants and their parents to follow.

You've reviewed the recruiting basics. Now discover how a specialized staffing firm like Robert Half can assist with your hiring needs.


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