Hiring Tip: Use the Recruiting Process to Showcase Your Business

What's your plan for conducting and managing your recruiting process? You need to consider some essential points before starting any recruiting effort. For example, you'll have to identify which candidate sources you're going to review — and where you'll focus your efforts as you move forward in the recruitment process. The choices you make upfront will have a significant impact on your final results.

Keep in mind that everything you do as a recruiter — from looking for candidates on the Internet to paying a visit to your local community college — will make a statement about your small business. In other words, how you approach the recruitment process can shape your company's reputation and its future. And if you're committed to recruiting the best talent, you need to represent your company as professionally as possible.

Being professional throughout the recruiting process means putting your best foot forward in every communication with potential job candidates. For example:

  • When it's time to choose who will represent your business at a job fair or a local college campus, pick individuals who have good people skills — and who consistently generate positive energy. It's essential for everyone in the recruitment process to be warm and courteous. So emphasize this point from the start. 
  • You also need to assess what happens when applicants browse through your company's website, call for information or show up for interviews. Will job candidates be frustrated or impressed by what they encounter?

After considering these points, you may need to make some crucial changes to your recruiting process to present your company's best qualities — and to make it easier for potential candidates to get in touch with questions or job applications. But those changes can pay off in the longer term. After all, today's job seeker may be tomorrow's valued employee.

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