What to Know About Internal Recruitment

Small businesses that recruit from within their own employee ranks by promotions and lateral assignments help keep morale and motivation levels high. And, assuming that the internal recruitment process is successful, you don't have to worry about staff members fitting into your corporate culture. They already know the territory.

Internal recruiting: drawbacks to consider

The drawbacks to internal recruiting? The most obvious one is that restricting a search to internal hiring of candidates limits the pool of available candidates, and organizations may end up hiring someone who's not up to the challenge of the job. The second drawback is that, whenever small businesses engage in internal recruitment, they run the risk that other important and valuable employees who don't get the job will become resentful and may eventually decide to quit.

Internal hiring: going in with your eyes open

Your only real defense against these problems associated with internal recruiting is to be forewarned about them and to go out of your way to ensure that everyone understands the scope and basic duties of the job and internal hiring criteria you're using. You also must ensure that, whatever system you use to alert employees to job opportunities in the company, everyone gets a fair shot at vying for them. The possibility of internal recruiting can also be an attractive perk for job candidates who want to work for an organization where they know they have a chance to advance or try on new roles.

Internal recruitment and when to use it

By gaining a solid understanding of both the advantages and disadvantages of internal recruitment, you can better understand when to look to your existing workforce to step into other roles. In some cases, hiring from within can be the best solution. Having as much information as you can about the pros and cons of internal hiring will help you use the right hiring strategy for all open positions.

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