How to Boost Morale and Keep It High

As a team leader, your main responsibility is to facilitate the team process, and that means keeping team morale high and the group motivated, especially when it encounters setbacks. When the going gets tough, team members will look to you for cues as to how they should handle the situation. Staying positive is key, but don't downplay problems. Participants will lose trust in you if you're not straightforward about the challenges they face.

Celebrations can do wonders for team morale 

One of the best parts of belonging to a team is being able to celebrate what you've accomplished together. A sure way to boost team morale is to bring the team together for some lightheartedness – whether it's the completion of a project milestone or something less work-focused, such as someone's birthday or a holiday. Staying positive is something every team leader should strive toward.

Other ways to reward your staff for staying positive and giving their best

For small businesses, hosting celebrations is one of the easiest ways to promote cohesiveness and boost morale. Here are some ideas:

  • Host a thank-you luncheon for your team. If you've met a big quarterly goal due to extra team effort or your team has finished an important project, consider hosting a thank-you luncheon. Invite everyone who made the project possible, give a small speech, and then serve up something as informal as sandwiches and soft drinks.
  • Surprise participants with treats. Just met a big deadline? Then why not bestow team members with a basket of cookies, popcorn or other inexpensive treats?
  • Take your team to an off-site event to relax. Try bowling, dinner or trip to a nearby park – whatever helps your employees blow off steam and celebrate. This will help your team make great strides in staying positive.