Job Hunt Essentials: A Flawless Resume and Cover Letter

Today's job market is flooded with competition, and it can be difficult to get noticed. As you embark on your job hunt, your resume and cover letter are your first opportunity to make a good impression with hiring managers. Robert Half wants to help you get results – and improving your resume and cover letter is one way to start the process.

Read about current resume and cover letter trends and best practices to make a strong case to hiring managers:

Job hunt step 1: A flawless resume

  • Resume tips: Read tidbits about how to make your resume straightforward and easy to read. We give tips about the format a resume should follow, how to best highlight your accomplishments and how to make use of keywords that will keep your resume in the running.
  • Resume length: This section presents insight about how long a resume should be. Check out tips for making the best use of the limited space you have in your resume.
  • Current resume trends: Here we update you on the latest resume trends and what developments are popular in the job market today.

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Job hunt step 2: The perfect cover letter

  • Importance of the cover letter: Check out the latest research concerning the cover letter – and why it is essential to include one with every resume you submit.
  • Cover letter tips: Make yourself cover letter-savvy by reading these tips about how to make your cover letter the best it can be. Specifically, learn how to tailor your cover letter to the job for which you're applying, how to avoid rehashing your resume in the cover letter and why you should keep your cover letter brief.

Is a cover letter necessary? In most instances, the answer is: absolutely yes! Discover why.