Workplace Research: Resources and Reports

As the economy and workplace keep changing, business managers need to stay up to date on the latest trends in hiring, team leading, technology and much more. Our workplace research makes that process easier and more successful. It can help you hone your management skills, make better hiring decisions, improve productivity — and advance your own career. So take full advantage of the following guides and reports from Robert Half, the industry's most respected source of management and career advice.

Do you work at a small or mid-sized company? Then connect with our Small and Mid-Sized Business Resource Center too. Its workplace research is tailored to your needs.

Employee management

This workplace research focuses on the best ways to find, retain and lead productive employees. You'll also find reports on significant trends that affect employee management.

Employee compensation

Our annual salary guides keep you up to date on the latest hiring trends across multiple industries — and provide starting salary ranges for a broad array of job categories. You can also learn more about the Affordable Care Act and its impact on businesses.

Career enhancement

No workplace research would be complete without advice on career advancement. The following guides help you handle the intricacies of office politics, update your business etiquette for the digital age — and discover which cities are best for enjoying a prosperous career.

Focus on finance and accounting

You can use this workplace research to discover what trends are transforming the finance function. Then learn what motivates your staff in the workplace for better productivity and retention. And get tips for improving your staff's business analytics success.