Salary Information Job Seekers Can Use

Before sitting down at the negotiating table after interviewing for job, you need to know where you stand when it comes to salary. Robert Half offers a wealth of employee salary information to help you measure your worth.

From our Salary Guides, which contain detailed information across industries and by region, to guidance on understanding how benefits and other perks factor into your overall salary, we're here to help you earn your fair share. The links below provide additional salary and benefits information to help you maneuver through the job market.

Salary information resources — negotiating

Gather all the salary information you can before beginning to negotiate your compensation package. These links are a good place to start:

Whatever you do, don't make the same mistake the job candidate in this short, humorous video did:


The power of perks

Accurate salary information can help you negotiate a paycheck you'll feel good about. But before accepting any job offer, you also need to consider the perks and benefits that go with the position. The links below offer sound advice on how evaluate traditional and non-traditional benefits as part of your compensation package — and tips for sweetening an offer:

By entering into negotiations with a clear understanding of what the job market in your industry and geographic region dictates, you'll increase your chances of obtaining the salary and benefits package you want.

Benefits packages have come a long way from the days when they simply included medical and dental coverage. To better understand the state of employee benefits in today's job market click on the button below.


Understanding Employee Benefits