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The Cost of a Bad Hire Can Be Surprisingly High Infographic

Featured Article – The Cost of a Bad Hire Can Be Surprisingly High

The costs of a bad hire can be big for small and midsize businesses. Poor hires do more than drain your time and energy – they disrupt your business in multiple ways. See how the wrong hire can impact your business.

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Every small and midsize business wants to grow. Having insightful small and midsize business staffing resources at your fingertips can help you build the strong, dynamic team of employees you’ll need to succeed. Small and mid-sized businesses face a unique challenge in this respect, as they must compete with the extensive resources of larger companies when trying to hire the best talent.

Small and midsize business center

But as a business owner or manager, you can recruit and retain the best candidates if armed with the right recruitment tools and strategies. To assist you, we have created the Robert Half Small and Midsize Business Resource Center. It provides the business resources you need to help recruit, retain and motivate your team.

What our small and midsize business resource center offers

  • New Articles – Get the latest information for small business owners.
  • Solutions & Services – Learn more about the small and midsize business resources, staffing solutions and staffing services Robert Half has provided since 1948.
  • Tools & Resources – New! Access our small business center's extensive library of small and midsize business resources, including our Special Report: The Demand for Skilled Talent, Salary Guides, events, and more.
  • Case Studies – Find case studies and expert interviews on how to enhance your company's service levels in our small and midsize business resource center.
  • Join the Conversation – Learn from and connect with other small and midsize businesses through our small and midsize business center.
  • Small Business Advice – Get a variety of tips on recruiting and retention for your small business.

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