Team Effort Results in Exceptional Service

"We give the same level of respect to each other that we give our clients."
– Sue Avery, owner, Avery Marketing, Inc.

"I'm your insurance policy." You might expect a more creative mantra from the owner of a full-service design, production and event management firm, but Sue Avery doesn't need fancy buzzwords to keep Fairport, N.Y.-based Avery Marketing focused on providing an exceptional client experience.

"Being your insurance policy means I will come through for you no matter what," Avery says. "There's no way I can mess up or not deliver; it's just not an option."

For a small business, it's critical that not only employees share this mantra - and understand the importance of a team effort - but also the vendors with whom they work. "My clients are on the line with their managers and companies. I understand their sense of urgency and the demands they face, and so do my suppliers and independent contractors. They know this business is based largely on referral, and that the mentality of consistent commitment drives our collective success," Avery explains.

Avery spent 16 years with Coombs Marketing. As the fourth person hired, she was focused on jumping into the work, finding her niche and creating her own path to success, which ultimately led to her opening her own firm in upstate New York when Coombs closed its doors. "When I hire, I look for people who are self-motivated and want to make their own destiny. I want to know - can this person identify with clients and collaborate with the team? Do the personal career goals and motivations align with those of the business?"

Recently, Avery completed a last-minute proposal request with a nearly impossible turnaround time. It required a true team effort. Her staff had to put other projects on the back burner and work well into the night, and a vendor had to bend over backward to get a piece into production. Working together, the team met the deadline, and the meeting was a success. "We give the same level of respect and service to each other that we give our clients," Avery says. "There's no way we could have pulled off this project without everyone working together."

Keeping the group excited about what they do also involves a team effort. "If one person is having a tough day, everyone is here to provide support. When there's a big win, all of us celebrate. We focus consistently on showing our gratitude to each other. We're very fortunate to have this great team."

Avery Marketing, Inc. is an integrated marketing communications company with more than 20 years experience in creating marketing programs for companies around the world. Their specialties include brand strategy, video production, graphic design, event and tradeshow production, writing, interactive media and web design.