Small Business Tools

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Robert Half has long been recognized as a leading resource for workplace and hiring research. Our small and midsize customers rely on our recruiting and retention advice and other tools for small business owners to help guide their staffing decisions. Smaller businesses play an invaluable role in the growth of the economy, and our Small and Midsize Business Resource Center is designed to make the small and midsize business advice enjoyed by Robert Half customers available to the greater SMB community.

Exclusive Tools for Small Business Owners

Our midsize and small business tools and resources include:

  • Special Report: The Demand for Skilled Talent (U.S. and Canada): Unique among our small business tools, this resource details the factors that are contributing to a shortage of candidates with specialized skill sets and how companies can recruit in-demand talent.
  • Salary Guides: Our Salary Guides are the ideal tools for small business owners to use when determining starting compensation levels. They provide salary figures for hundreds of positions across a wide range of industries, as well as in-depth analysis of market trends that may affect a company's hiring and retention strategies.
  • The Robert Half Small and Midsize Business Advice Library: This range of small business tools and resources provides articles on comprehensive business management, hiring and retention advice.